Game Major Update Dec 2018

December 3, 2018 10:56 pm

What have we been up to? Our last post was June 20th, WOW! That is far too long to go.

Quick rundown, my plan was to launch Space Farm in September.. However after finishing tons of features and the core of the game, I really didn’t feel there was enough content to release, even an early access game. SOOooo, since then we have been working on content, upgrades, unlocks, weather systems, start of our questing and upgrades systems. All of which, are progressing great!

We are happy to announce we will be OFFICIALLY LAUNCHING sometime in January of 2019 – hundi-P.

Can’t wait to show you what we have been working on! Here is a list of exciting new/old features that will be making it into the official launch.

  • In depth reputation system for all NPCs and Races of NPCs.
  • SKINS System, we have 4 skins currently in the game, and they are ggrreeattt! – would love suggestions for more to create.
  • Gun upgrades and unlocks – although minor for now.
  • Simple enemies in a few ares of the map.
  • Unlock able playable ares of the map.
  • A few more lovable characters that help you process new items. Chomp Chomp
  • Space – Pirate Ship!
  • Starting Quest – which builds the foundation for a very in-depth questing system.
  • Reputation for going about your regular day.
  • Teleporting upgrades and unlocks for our MASSIVE map.
  • Cave systems with a very neato secret… if you can figure it out!
  • Fishing mini game, with over 25 different types of fish. Good luck catching a big one tho..
  • Plus like, lots more! We are working very hard over the next 3-6 weeks polishing final items and creating steam acheivements for the offical launch!!

NOTE: we haven’t forgot about our contest to give away steam keys, those will be announce near release.