Content Update V2

March 25, 2017 2:03 pm

Okay so we have been working on a lot of things in Space Farm. Let me update you guys on where we are at, and what the plan is.

We have been working on the core mechanics of the game, running around, using your space gun, buying, selling, health, gun energy, dynamic maps, dynamic questing system. Don’t you wish you knew everything we are storing in our chests?

We can’t give away too many details, but here is our first major game update since we started this project.

There are a lot more things to work on, including creating in game items, polishing final release mechanics, and tweaks to all visual elements of the game. However, we are making progress in all areas of the game.

The amount of progress we are making, makes me shake.

We are trying to create a universe that takes the farming RPG genre to a new level. Advanced systems like reputation, races, good guys, bad guys, everything you might want in a game! (we hope!)

Hopefully all the work we are doing is making you, fall over!

Here are the races explained a little:

Plant Race

These characters are into agriculture and creating amazing works of plant life! Buying seeds from these people should be easy? No?

Farming People

These funny little characters are really in to farming, and creating interesting variations of animals! Perhaps if you get to know them, you can learn some of their tricks?

Fishing Race

These characters seem a little… fishy to me. But maybe if you just convince them to help you out, you can learn the tricks of the undersea world!

Mining Race

These Goliath characters are incredibly intimidating, dare you talk to any of them?!

Space Pirates

What would be a space game if there weren’t Space Pirates?! I am sure these guys are harmless though, just ignore them and you will be fine…

Like any game, there are growing pains and stuff takes time. However if things go well, you will be playing the Alpha of this game within a couple months! We really think we are bringing interesting mechanics, and more depth to this incredibly popular, and interesting genre.

We are working on bringing some really, really, really cool features at launch that we will let you know once we confirm! I bet you can’t catch the biggest fish!

Don’t forget you can pre-purchase the game on the right sidebar! It is only $30 which is definitely cheaper than buying it at launch! Thanks to all of the positive feedback, we will be releasing more regular updates over the following weeks.


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