Don’t like it? Throw it on the GROUND!

February 14, 2018 2:17 pm

We have been working on cave diving, and content updates for the past few weeks. A few updates on some of the new things we have fixed/added.

  1. Added a feature where you can just drag stuff from inventory to the ground.
  2. Cut down number of seeds that trees drop on your farm, or on the map.
  3. Removed collision from some areas of the map.
  4. Replaced highrez user images on all characters.
  5. Fixed a problem on the world map
  6. We made the map so it doesn’t stop you from walking, while viewing it.
  7. Random sayings added to all characters throughout map, when no quests are offered.
  8. Testing of teleport pads.

That’s it for this week, still crushing more things!

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