Game Update 06.20.18

June 20, 2018 11:23 pm

Haven’t updated in a couple weeks, thought I would give you guys a Development update!

Since our last post, on June 6th, we have pushed 19 GIT updates.

Lets talk about a few things we have added to the game!

  • TONS of visual changes, and animation additions to previously static items.
  • Added 5 new minerals to the game to be found throughout the map.
  • Advanced, COOL, awesome fishing game in full development… GOOD LUCK
  • Marketplace balancing
  • Dynamic trees not growing on-top of stuff anymore
  • Added a bunch of short keys to inventory and chests
  • Removed a bunch of animations, added a laser beam.
  • Crops auto water on rain days, even if you dont load scene
  • Fixed tree planting
  • Updates to all NPC animations
  • Added trash can to inventory UI
  • Updates to conversation UI, and popups to make more smooth
  • Added different ground art for different seasons, coool!

We are in full development mode to launch a BETA, THIS SUMMER!! can’t wait to show you all. The Steam page looks great, almost ready to roll.

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