Game Update 11.13.19

November 13, 2019 12:47 pm

Well, over a year since my last update I thought I would send a quick update on what has gone on. And let me tell you, things have been an adventure. It turns out developing your first game, is a LOT more work than it should have been, especially when the original development company you hire to program your game, ends up taking your money and ditching the project.

BUT, we move forward! So after sourcing my own developers, learning Unity myself, and overcoming basic obstacles, we have made incredible progress on getting the game ready for launch in the last 8 months.

The main change of the game that we decided to make early this year, is move the game into more of a storyline based game, FARMING is still an incredibly important part of the game, as you need money/reputation to unlock places and items in the game. Without that, you cannot progress further along the main storyline! And let me tell you, there are some incredible and unique characters along the way.

We are finally at the polishing part of the development process, and pushing out Beta testing to our friends and family. We thank everyone for their support as a local Canadian Development company tries to create a small indie game, that we hope everyone enjoys!

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