Game Update 4.24.18

April 24, 2018 11:22 pm

You never know how long a game might take sometimes, but rest assured we are making daily progress to get our first Alpha out. We have finished the SKINS for Alpha purchasers, and let me tell you, they look amazing! You may even recognize them, but trust us, they are originals 😉

Things we have added to the game since our last update!

  1. Rain added to functional part of game, auto waters crops now.
  2. Market added to game
  3. Re-programmed entire farm area, to allow for purchasable expansion.
  4. Added 50 new assets to the game folders, slowly being programmed in.
  5. Throwing items on ground looks smoother.
  6. Capped the slot amounts for how much you can carry.
  7. Fixed some walking depth issues
  8. Added lighting to the game, along with basic day/night cycle.
  9. Bug fixes
  10. 3D printer added to game, (wonder what we can do with this?)
  11. Vendor functionality added for Sillion
  12. Water now runs out in gun, needs refilling
  13. Character walking paths
  14. Small lighting issues inside buildings
  15. Original 45mins of soundtrack added to game during play

That is our last 3 weeks. We are progressing everyday, and as soon as I feel we are ready for Beta testing, we hope you will be willing to jump on our ship and try out Space Farm!

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