Programming Update

March 26, 2018 1:46 pm

It’s been a few weeks and we have really been spending a lot of time fine tuning our weather effects, and map areas to add more life and movement.

As we prepare for the Steam release, we are now putting a lot of focus on the farming aspect of the game. Here is a screen from some testing this morning planting some “Earth” plants. Cabbage, Potatoes, Radishes, and of course Strawberries.

A few bug fixes in last 2 weeks:

  • Add a ton of 2D game effects to the cameras to make them more stable.
  • Cleaned up all pixel art to render more clear.
  • Added a small animation to items on pickup and drop.
  • All Buildings in the game now have open/close times/days.
  • Full map completely re-structured to follow our very entertaining new quest chain.
  • Inventory management with mouse clicks now more useful.
  • A lot of time spent creating our game world. Which is huge by the way!
  • Entire map has trees that can be cut down, random growth, and random item spawning.
  • You can now craft a few items in the game.

Our entire focus for the next 4 weeks will be more fine tuning to weather effects, and maps. As well as adding all the questing content and items.

After we done with that, we will be really close to an Alpha release! Working very hard everyday to get a polished play experience for our players!

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