Update March 2nd

March 2, 2018 1:53 pm

We have submitted 20 changes in the last week including a few new things:

  • We replaced the entire world map tilesets to be easier to update, change, and make the world seem more alive.
  • Fixed character pushing on NPCs
  • Made it so you can move items around when in NPC houses
  • Our first Crafting item has been programmed, so you can now create chests.
  • We had an issue with the map growing trees on our new tile system, that has now been resolved.
  • We have created the new cave system, and put a LOT of work into making the caves procedural generated for later levels.
  • Lots of other minor adjustments and item testing.

New screenshots are coming this week as we start to finalize in game graphics from Alpha release.

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