Game Map and Development Update

May 26, 2018 2:09 pm

Well as we slowly release more secrets regarding our game, we wanted to share some of our map ideas! We have developed a very large map area, that loads dynamic content on the regular. We have mainly been spending the last 2 months filling our map with items, quests, content. And are finally getting to some of the outer regions. As you can see in the image, this is the beginning of a section of the map where our Race of Pirates live.

I have been researching to figure out what is the largest 2D RPG map in video games, and I found this list:

  • Zelda a Link to the Past – 4096 x 4096
  • Alundra – 6247 x 3845
  • Ultima 7 – 24,000 x 24,000
  • Earthbound Zero – 16,384 x 14,336
  • Space Farm – 38,000 x 28,500

So this came to a surprise to me that our game was larger than a lot of my favorite games of all time. My main concern before launching Space Farm is going to be trying to make sure our map doesn’t feel “empty”.

We have been working on a few things to counter this. One of them being that all of our items “grow” dynamically on the map, based on formulas we have created. Everything from fish, logs, rocks, fruit, everything! The second thing we have been working on is weather effects, those of which will effect the growth of items. The third thing, is an intuitive questing system. We want you to go on an adventure when you go out on a quest! And lastly we have been working on a teleport system that you can unlock as you progress through the game. Making it easier to travel around our massive map!

I would love to hear any ideas you all might have, Jeff.